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Life Languages for Couples

Meaningful, effective communication is key to any healthy relationship. Feeling seen, heard, and understood is particularly important with your partner. Life Languages for Couples empowers you to become more self-aware of your own communication preferences and to better understand and appreciate your partner’s communication needs and style, as well. This tool speaks to the head and the heart, and is coupled with action – making it an accessible approach for everyone. Life Languages for Couples Package Includes: • Two Professional Profiles, one for each of you • The Foundations of Life Languages group workshop – in person, live online, or recorded (3 hours) • Three personalized 90-minute coaching calls with Lisa (via Zoom) to collaboratively unpack your profiles. In these sessions we will gain a clear understanding of the communication styles of each partner and their communication needs from the other. We will become aware of how your innate communication preferences can work at cross-purposes and become distressing to one or both of you. And, we will identify very specific and thoughtful ways in which you can solve these communication hiccups. Investing the time, focus, and energy to enhance your communication could be the smartest and most loving thing you can do for the health of your relationship.


Language for Couples, $749.00


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