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Whether in an interpersonal setting, workplace, board room, with the media, from a stage, or even from a meditation cushion, we help clients Communicate with Clarity, Confidence, Courage, and Connection.
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Interpersonal Communication 

Everyone communicates differently. We each have personal preferences and styles, communication needs and triggers. Becoming aware of those preferences and learning to work with them, rather than at cross-purposes, empowers more effective, enjoyable, and supportive communication.  

As a Certified Communication Coach with Life Languages Intl,™ I know how the Kendall Life Languages Profile promotes conscious and more effective communication. The Life Languages Profile is the only communication tool on the market that is both descriptive and prescriptive – it first describes your own communication preferences and then it prescribes solutions to address communication challenges you may face.

Whether you want to upgrade your communication as an Individual, with your partner, or for use in an Organization, the Life Language approach to communication will help. From a free assessment to working with me as an Individual, as a Couple, or with your Organization, there’s an option for you! 

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Public Communication

Mission-Driven organizations need help, too! From communication that inspires action to collaborative, visionary strategic planning, tailored board and team development to energized retreat facilitation, we team with you to do good, even better.
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Intuitive Communication

Increase the confidence, connection, and effectiveness with which you communicate to be heard, seen, and understood in a way that generates positive results.  

Upcoming Events

Personal transformation and adventure are great traveling companions.  Explore new aspects of you at an in-person retreat, workshop, or sacred journey.
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Speaker Spotlight

Need an Experienced and Engaging Speaker for an Upcoming Event or Training Workshop?
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