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About Lisa

Empowering YOU to speak with CONFIDENCE and CONVICTION at Home, Work, for your Mission and even in Meditation LIGHTS ME UP.

Your Voice Matters

Let's make sure it's HEARD and UNDERSTOOD.

My Communication Journey


My strong passion for communication ignited way back in junior high school when I joined the competitive Speech and Debate team. Not much of an athlete, I realized I could effectively “run my mouth” in a way that brought home trophies, state championships, scholarships, and empowered me to travel the country to national speech and debate tournaments. Not bad for a girl from small-town Oklahoma. This was the first time I understood how effective communication opens doors of opportunity.

At William Jewell College I continued the Communication track, double majoring in Communication and Public Relations, participating in college CEDA debate, and gearing internships and work-study around professional communication efforts. I even had the chance to help launch a debate program at a nearby high school. Taking those kids to their first debate tournament and watching their fear be replaced by excitement and growing confidence was an inspiration and huge motivator for me.

What I Learned

  • Strong communication skills open doors – personally and professionally.

  • Empowering others to communicate more effectively lights me up.

What I Bring to Clients

  • A lifelong passion for effective communication and the academic and real-world experience to help clients grow and hone their communication skills to share their powerful voice and unique stories on behalf of their mission and relationships.

After a stint working for an Oklahoma Congressman, I moved to Washington, D.C. to pursue a master’s degree in Political Management with an emphasis in Advocacy Communication.  Turns out, I love learning and earned the Paley award given to the Valedictorian of the Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University. 


While in the D.C. area, I enjoyed challenging responsibilities within the Defense Fuel Supply Center, the League of Conservation Voters, the U.S. Senate, and the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia. As a communication strategist for US Senators and Representatives, national nonprofit execs, authors, thought leaders, and film producers, I’ve advised on everything from speechwriting to media strategy, message development to advocacy tactics, and worked extensively with media around the world.

What I Learned

  • Understanding and connecting with your audience is the foundation of effective communication.

  • Making the most of targeted communication channels increases reach and visibility.

  • Interpersonal communication skills make or break the culture and climate within an organization. 

  • The courage to get out of your safety zone makes the difference in effective outcomes. 

What I Bring to Clients

  • A focus on *really* understanding yourself and your audience so that all communication can be relevant, authentic and impactful. That’s true for interpersonal and public communication.

  • Message matters – make sure yours is clear and compelling.

  • Harnessing your unique perspective and “why” makes your message far more valuable and interesting.

It was during this time that my daughter was born and I chose to launch a communication and public relations practice in 2004. In 2006, my family and business relocated back to Oklahoma.

My career shifted from politics to deeper focus on advocacy and organizational and personal empowerment. I was the founding executive director of both the Muskogee Nonprofit Resource Center (dedicated to capacity building with the community and nonprofits) and the Eastern Oklahoma Health Care Coalition (collaborating to meet the region’s health care education and workforce development needs). I served in leadership positions on many nonprofit boards of directors, directed the city’s wellness initiative, became a BoardSource-trained nonprofit consultant, community activist, and college instructor. Among other subjects, teaching college speech classes inside two State Correctional Centers was a fascinating and rewarding experience. 

What I Learned

  • The success of Mission-Driven organizations can be dramatically enhanced when they effectively tell the right stories to the right audiences.

  • Knowing what motivates your audiences is essential to developing the most effective messages.

  • Effective messengers communicate in ways that motivate and inspire action, a skill which can be taught.

What I Bring to Clients

  • Through real-world, hands-on experience, especially with traditionally hard-to-reach audiences, I help clients develop greater appreciation for the perspectives of those they are trying to reach.

  • Together, we get creative so that clients create meaningful results. 

I began consulting in 2004, deeply exploring intuitive and personal energy dynamics in 2006, coaching in 2008, and after successfully completing the two-year, interfaith Osage Forest of Peace School for Spiritual Direction, I began bringing my deeper, intuitive gifts into the way I serve clients. I see the world through the lens of communication, intuition and energy, and human potential, which are the underlying perspectives I now bring to all my work. I also became a Certified Communication Coach with Life Languages Intl.™ to bring the interpersonal communication focus to the public and intuitive communication skills I’ve spent decades developing. 

 In addition to being an Entrepreneur, Consultant and Coach, I’m also an Amazon Best-Selling Author, Podcast Host, International Speaker, and Energy Intuitive.  

What I Learned

  • We are each so much more insightful, connected, and powerful than we realize.

  • Harnessing that potential on behalf of what matters most to us makes life feel even more aligned, meaningful, and joyful.

  • Skillful Interpersonal and Intuitive Communication skills change lives for the better.

What I Bring to Clients

  • I empower clients to increase awareness of their innate gifts, learn interpersonal and intuitive communication skills that enhance their connection to all that is important to them, and cheer them on as they lean into the mystery and magic that is this beautiful life. 

My Life


Currently, I live in Sugar Land – the Sweetest City in Texas – with my dream partner and goofy Golden Retriever, and love college visits with my daughter. When not working with clients, I’m a sucker for laughing with family, catching sunrises and sunsets from coastlines and mountain tops, sycamore trees, my 1974 Jeep, live music, the art of sacred travel, encouraging kids who participate with the Houston Urban Debate League, and stargazing. 

My Personal Values


Back in 2001, I worked with a wonderful coach to uncover my personal values.  Life has changed much since those pre-motherhood days working as a Communication Director for a U.S. Senator.  Interestingly, these guiding values are even more aligned for me today. This is one reason I work with clients to discover and live into their personal values; I believe it deeply matters for living a meaningful and enjoyable life.

All under the umbrella of Spiritual Alignment, my personal values are:

Meaningful Contribution Authentic Expression Personal Growth Love/Connection 

• Adventure Empowerment Vitality Courage

About My Business


Through my business ventures, Lisa Wade Communication and Golden Energy Leadership, I strive to empower individuals, couples, and mission-driven organizations to achieve healthy, effective communication at the interpersonal, public, and intuitive levels and to courageously contribute in a way only they can by consciously harnessing the full power of their voice, innate gifts, and wisdom.

The business values I uphold to serve clients include:

Empowerment  Inclusion, Appreciation, and Respect Authentic Self-Expression • Courage • Meaningful Connection Inner Knowing and Sovereignty • Grace, Joy, Gratitude and Celebration  Co-Creating a Better World through Love

My Three Core


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Effective, connected communication is a positive game changer for all we hold dear – personally and professionally.

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Through Courageous and Conscious Communication, every person, partnership, and organization can grow healthier, more vital, and better able to champion and achieve meaningful and enjoyable results.

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You are far more powerful and innately capable than you currently realize or believe. 

More With Lisa

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