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Your message matters whether it's shared in a board room, through the media, or from a stage. I strive to empower you to communicate with greater clarity, confidence, and connection to motivate others on behalf of your cause.

Amplify Your Voice


My passion is helping mission-driven Difference Makers harness the power of their passion and their voice to motivate meaningful change and progress on the causes dear to their hearts. 


As a communicator and executive with more than 30 years in nonprofit, public service, and cause advocacy, I offer the insights and hard-won experience that can help light the way on your road to communication success.  

The business of making a positive difference is both wildly rewarding, often exhausting, and sometimes stretches the limits of your know-how and confidence. That's completely normal. You don’t have to go it alone. I can help.


STARTS OCT 1 , 2024

Mission-Driven Messenger


This powerfully persuasive 8-week Public Speaking Academy and Showcase will empower nonprofit leaders and cause-oriented Difference Makers to more effectively and purposely use their voice to advocate for meaningful change!

This program will empower you to:

  • Develop a clear and compelling speech

  • Become a confident speaker in any setting

  • Connect with any audience to inspire support or action

  • Gain skills to manage your energy and nerves

  • And so much more!


"In just 8 weeks you will get crystal clear on your Message, your Audience, and how to deliver on behalf of your Mission to inspire specific action." Lisa Wade

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Courageous & Connected

You are a Difference Maker who needs to use the full power of your voice to be a catalyst for change.  And, you need some support. 

This private coaching program will support you in taking your public speaking to the next level.  Whether you’re preparing for a boardroom, a conference, a fundraising event, a big stage, or any other opportunity to promote your cause, my more than 3 decades of both competitive and professional public speaking insight can help you deliver your message with conviction, clarity, connection, and confidence. 


Tailored to meet your individual needs and timeline, this highly personalized program will elevate your communication confidence and effectiveness in the areas most meaningful and important to you.


Schedule a complimentary 30-minute coaching conversation and together we will create an approach that best suits your needs and budget.

Six Keys to Motivate Any Audience


Whether you are in a one-to-one conversation or trying to motivate and inspire your team, your community, or even those living under your roof, you can boost your persuasive power with these six keys to communication connection and motivation.

Click below to get your free guide and start effective communication now.

Professional Speechwriting


Do you have an important speaking event coming up and want to make the most of it, but you either have no idea where to start writing your speech, or you simply don’t have the time or bandwidth to do it?  

Let me help - this is what I do!


Or maybe you already have a draft speech written that could benefit from a professional edit and suggestions to make it even stronger? 

I can help with that too!


Writing or editing your speech doesn’t have to be a stumbling block. With my speechwriting expertise and experience, I clear all the word hurdles and uncertainties for you, and together we will make the speechwriting process easy and enjoyable! 


Let's begin with a complimentary conversation so I can gather the details about your event, get a sense of your speaking style, and crystalize the message you want to share. 


I will then draft a proposal for you with full details of timelines, information required, total investment and any other information needed. 


Once approved, I will get the creative juices flowing and draft you a clear, engaging, and compelling speech as per the timelines we agreed upon.


We will then go through an editing process together, and then get you ready to confidently WOW your audience with a speech that will make you feel proud and confident!


To start, simply fill out the short information form linked to the button below, and then check your emails to schedule your complimentary call so that we can discuss your speechwriting and/or editing needs together.

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Need an Engaging & Compelling Speaker?

Contact Lisa for Your Next Event

Lisa’s down-to-Earth style and engaging energy uplifts audiences and primes them for action. Using humor, relatable storytelling, and accessible approaches, Lisa can communicate even the most-heady material in an entertaining, palatable, and meaningful way.


Whether presenting one of her inspired, courageous and conscious topics, or collaborating to tailor the perfect message for your organization’s needs, Lisa can make your stage shine with her thought-provoking, heart-engaging style. 

Click below to reach out and discuss your upcoming speaker needs.


"Lisa Wade is a powerhouse speaker who combines colorful story-telling with inspirational new ways to think about spirituality and the knowing. Her ability to bring you in and make you think differently is warm and inviting and I would hire Lisa in a heartbeat."

~ Tricia Brouk, International Award-Winning Director, Founder of The Big Talk Academy

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