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Scenic Route of the Soul

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If you're drawn to the scenic route of the soul, where connection to self, nature, and the Divine may be more unconventional and follow a messy, bumpy path, this is the place for you.
Honor your roots to spread your wings.

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International speaker and bestselling author, communication coach and organizational consultant with more than 30 years of experience in political and cause advocacy, Lisa guides courageous Difference Makers to gain greater confidence, clarity, and connection in their interpersonal, public, and intuitive communication.


Degrees and book knowledge can get you so far. Street smarts and common sense up the success ante. But, harnessing the full power of your voice, trusting your gut, and honoring your intuition are the real difference makers in success and in life.


After taking the well-paved highway toward success (prestigious Master's degree, valedictorian, big city career, fancy title on Capitol Hill, extensive executive nonprofit, political and media experience, marriage, child, etc.), Lisa realized that along this socially acceptable path, she checked all the right boxes, yet lost a piece of her soul.


Then she found the path of Dirt Road Divinity...where real life, courage, curiosity, and connection lead to more soul-aligned living.  Now, she's a catalyst for courageous and conscious leadership and communication with her clients.

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Yep, she created a hefty resume through her mainstream communication and advocacy career. That combined with 18 years of study and practice in energy and healing methods, interfaith spiritual direction, intuitive development, extensive coaching training, and forging a solid, two-way relationship with the Divine that give Lisa the chops to help clients to their next meaningful breakthrough.


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