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Everyone deserves to be seen, heard, and understood in their communication.
Let's learn what that means for you.


Increase Your Interpersonal


Are you someone who likes to THINK before you act? Do you need to express how you FEEL first? Or maybe you like to ACT quickly? 

Everyone communicates differently, and sometimes those innate differences can create challenges. As a Certified Communication Coach with Life Languages Intl,™ I use the Kendall Life Languages Profile to help clients overcome communication obstacles and enjoy more confident and connected interaction.  

Since 1985 Life Languages has helped hundreds of thousands of people and organizations around the world revolutionize their communication skills and relationships to become stronger, healthier, and more conscious, courageous and effective communicators at home and in the workplace.

The KLLP is the only communication tool on the market that is both descriptive and prescriptive – it first describes your own communication preferences and then prescribes solutions to address your communication challenges.

In the assessment, learn how you personally process incoming and outgoing communication and about the 7 Life Language categories, discovering which Life Languages you speak most fluently, and which are more of a struggle.  

The insights first increase your self-awareness and then help you relate that information to identify and interact more effectively with the preferred communication style of others.  

You & Those Around You

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