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Empowering Mission-Driven organizations to cultivate the passion, talent, and purpose inside the staff and board to make an even bigger difference in the outside world.

Promoting Positive Change 

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Helping Mission-Driven Organizations do their brand of good even better is one way I feel like I can make a positive difference in the world. Since that day in my pre-teen years when Mom forced me out of bed pre-dawn on Christmas Eve to help assemble and deliver Christmas baskets to families in need, I have been passionate about the positive difference organizations, and those who run them, can make in the lives of others. 

Effective communication improves nearly every angle of a mission-driven organization. From elevated morale to increased productivity and interaction among staff and board, more prosperous fundraising to more inspired volunteer recruitment, greater visibility to more effective advocacy, the ability to communicate and connect effectively has positive ripple effects into all areas of promoting a mission.

With more than 30 years in nonprofit leadership and consulting, I bring practical insights and solutions from both the communication world and the mission-driven nonprofit and advocacy world.


I marry visionary inspiration with down-to-earth practicality to help organizations succeed. Below I’ve curated tools and approaches that I’m both deeply trained in, and have also experienced the power of in my own life and work, and in the clients and organizations served with them.

Best Year Yet ®


Are you ready to have your most productive, aligned, enjoyable year yet?


Since the 1980s, the Best Year Yet® approach to straightforward strategic planning, enhanced productivity, and embedded accountability have revolutionized the way leaders and organizations show up for their passion, goals, and mission – and the results they achieve. 


This robust Best Year Yet® tool marries communication and productivity for more effective management and results.  This proven program connects leaders and teams to their “whys” and helps to shape the language, skills, mindsets, and tools needed to reach and exceed their goals. 


Let me guide you through a unique process of introspection and shared growth that culminates in a powerful 12-month plan that invites engagement, inspiration, and innovation.


Whether through an in-person or online workshop for an individual, a team, or an entire organization, together we will harness the creative genius of the group and create a plan that, when implemented, gets results. 


And, you’ll be equipped with the online tools and ongoing coaching that builds accountability and measurement into the success formula.

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Develop a focused one-page plan for the year that complements internal organizational development plans, KPIs, and top priorities


Establish a monthly review process for accountability and resolving problem areas quickly


Leverage talents to achieve what matters most while reducing burnout


Skyrocketing employee performance and engagement 


Establishing a culture of accountability 


Empowering untapped innovation


Applying existing intrinsic motivations to organizational goals

Inquire Here

If you're interested in discovering how Best Year Yet can elevate productivity, purpose, and morale in your life or organization, schedule a complimentary Exploration Call with me. During our conversation, we can explore the program further and find out if it's the right fit for your needs.

SAS Formula

Interested in unlocking the remarkable potential of the Best Year Yet firsthand? Delve deeper into my Soul-Aligned Success Formula to unlock your distinct blueprint tailored specifically for your own personal success, because every soul is unique. Click below to learn more.

Amplify Your Sucess

When Best Year Yet is combined with Life Languages – EVEN MORE MAGIC HAPPENS. Keep Reading...

Life Languages


Eighty percent (80%) of management problems are a result of faulty communication, according to Peter Drucker, a well-respected management consultant and bestselling author- and I agree!


Ineffective communication could be costing your organization a fortune in unnecessary expenses, turnover, lagging motivation and productivity, missed opportunities, and unmet potential.


The proven Life Languages System of Communication is the only tool on the market that reveals innate communication tendencies (descriptive) and unlocks insights and solutions for your unique team to process incoming and outgoing communication in a more productive and effective manner.  


Since 1985 Life Languages has helped hundreds of thousands of people and organizations around the world revolutionize their communication skills and relationships to become stronger, healthier, and more conscious, courageous and effective communicators at home and in the workplace.

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Life Languages for Organizations begins with:

A Professional Profile for each participant (Management team, department, full staff, etc.)


A Foundations of Life Languages workshop for participants who have taken the KLLP. (Typically half-day)


Professionally developed and personalized training tools for each individual.


Personalized, one-to-one coaching sessions with each participant to increase their awareness and understanding and to develop actionable ways to integrate the insights into their regular communication and interactions in the organization.

Additional organizational and operational consulting services are available.

Click below to schedule a complimentary call to discuss your organization's unique needs.

Tailored Offerings


Are you ready to elevate your advocacy organization's purpose-driven progress and for next-level results?

These fully customizable offerings can help you get there.

Customized Team Trainings

Advocacy Campaign Design and Development

Strategic Planning Design and Facilitation

Retreat Design and Facilitation

Communication Analysis and Strategy

Board of Director Engagement Training

Public Relations and Public Speaking Training

Surveys and Focus Group Design and Facilitation

Wellness Program Design and Assessment 

Wellness Program Training and Speaking

Book your FREE 30-min conversation with Lisa about your Mission-Driven Organization TODAY!
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Real. Big. Love. Book


I wrote this book with you in mind. Designed to help Difference Makers find greater clarity, energy, and impact for their cause and life, the insights in this book can help you make your most meaningful contribution, and to feel great doing it.  
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Need an Engaging & Compelling Speaker?

Contact Lisa for Your Next Event

Lisa’s down-to-Earth style and engaging energy uplifts audiences and primes them for action. Using humor, relatable storytelling, and accessible approaches, Lisa can communicate even the most-heady material in an entertaining, palatable, and meaningful way.


Whether presenting one of her inspired, courageous and conscious topics, or collaborating to tailor the perfect message for your organization’s needs, Lisa can make your stage shine with her thought-provoking, heart-engaging style. 

Click below to reach out and discuss your upcoming speaker needs.


"Lisa Wade is a powerhouse speaker who combines colorful story-telling with inspirational new ways to think about spirituality and the knowing. Her ability to bring you in and make you think differently is warm and inviting and I would hire Lisa in a heartbeat."

~ Tricia Brouk, International Award-Winning Director, Founder of The Big Talk Academy

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