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Guiding you to connect with your Inner Wisdom
~ Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul ~
for greater clarity, confidence, courage, and consciousness in the way you lead
in all areas of your life.



It’s been said that prayer is talking to the Divine and meditation is listening for what the Divine has to say. 

In my experience, this is only a small part of the Intuitive Communication in which we can consciously engage.


I can teach you how to confidently communicate with the wisdom of your body, mind, heart, and soul, and with the guidance of your Spiritual team. Become your own Courageous and Conscious guru by learning to consistently access the wisdom that is a mere conscious recognition away.

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Soul-Aligned Success Formula

No two souls are the same. No two people are the same. And no One-Size-Fits-All approach to personal empowerment and productivity is going to sustainably fuel your progress throughout the marathon of life.
That's why I created the Soul-Aligned Success Formula, a group program that is designed to unlock YOUR blueprint for what success truly means for you.

Are you ready for powerful inspired and practical transformation? Want to experience the kind of Courageous Co-Creation that lights YOU up and motivates you to make big progress on those big lifetime dreams and goals?


The Soul-Aligned Success Formula is for you.  

Click Below to learn more about this unique-to-you program!

The Intuitive Leader

More than ever before, our world needs Intuitive Leaders, leaders who bring the wisdom of their mind, body, heart, and soul to their mission and goals, in both their professional and personal lives. 

This group program offered twice each year will inspire you to feel more confident and connected in your leadership, more empowered and powerful, more purposeful and courageous!  

If you are ready to move away from feelings of burnout, shrinking yourself to fit in, and a general sense of “meh,” enroll today and access the wisdom of ALL of you to inspire and motivate the next chapter in your life.

Next 2023 class COMING SOON! 

Subscribe to get notified of the upcoming start date PLUS enjoy other offerings, events, and musings that can enhance your interpersonal, public, and/or intuitive communication skills and style.
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Intuitive Communication Mastery 

Lisa's signature Breakthrough Program for those who are serious about deeply and confidently connecting to their inner wisdom, energy, and Divine guidance to benefit every aspect of their personal and professional lives.

In just six months, you will feel more alive, clear, connected, courageous, purposeful, supported, and vibrant than ever before. You will confidently and with discernment access the wisdom and truth that aligns you and your actions with your soul's purpose.

You will learn how to consistently call in Divine guidance and assistance as you Courageously Co-Create the future of your soul’s dreams. 

Click Below to unlock full program details!

Private Intuitive


In these private intuitive sessions, we connect directly with inner and Divine wisdom for a two-way conversation that can inform any area of your life. 


In these sessions, three primary things happen:


1) I intuitively connect with your energy field to gain insight on the current state of your inner energy and what it's communicating to you.  We will identify actionable steps to address any concerns and proactively move toward a healthier, more empowered state.

2) I connect with your soul, guides, and the Divine as a conduit of Divine insight and wisdom for you.  Sometimes messages are shared from loved ones who have passed, other times it is angels, Archangels, or Ascended Masters who may wish to share messages of empowerment, inspiration, and encouragement. 

3) We identify specific methods you can more effectively employ to create an ongoing two-way dialogue with your inner wisdom and your spiritual guidance team for greater confidence, connection, healing, and joy in your daily living.


Through these personalized energy assessments, clearings, and activations, healing can happen, heaviness can be released, and opportunities for more soul-aligned and joyful living are identified. 

Book individually or save with a 3-pack!

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"I’m amazed at how powerful and impactful Lisa’s Energy Readings were for me! It was beyond a reading, it was a complete energy clearing filled with loads of divine advice and inspiration on where I’m at and how to move forward. My questions were answered without me even asking, and I can’t wait for the next one! Her readings are now a part of my self-care practice."

~ Erin H., Energy Readings

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