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Courageous and Conscious Speaking Topics Include:

Courageous and Conscious Leadership

Leadership is changing. To succeed in this new era requires honing different skills and abilities. Fortunately, you already have inside you all the leadership tools you need. In this talk, Lisa guides you to be aware of, access, trust, and have the courage to use your full inner wisdom to make your meaningful contribution and empower others.

The Art of Soulful Service

Serving others can be both wildly rewarding and completely exhausting. Rather than succumb to burnout or frustration, Lisa urges audiences to embrace the call for Soulful Service from her book Real. Big. Love. to supercharge their difference-making and bring more meaning and well-being into their life and service.

The Spreadsheet and the Pendulum in Relationship & Life

From Crazy to Courageous: Reimagining Spiritual Awakening

When an Excel-loving engineer and a pendulum-swinging mystic reconnect after 33 years, they forge a new blueprint for joint fulfillment, joy, wonder, and practical success. Learn insights to appreciate differences, honor divergent decision-making styles, and forge deeper respect and intimacy through real communication.

To trust the strength of the heart and the wisdom of the soul is neither weak nor crazy, it's a path to greater freedom that requires courage. By reimagining spiritual awakening, this talk inspires audiences to access the wisdom and strength of their whole self— body, mind, heart, soul—and to empower others to do the same.

About Lisa

Lisa Wade inspires audiences through down-to-Earth connection, deep insights, and relatable humor. She founded Golden Energy Leadership and Lisa Wade Communication to empower purpose-driven leaders and organizations to communicate with confidence, clarity, and connection in interpersonal, public speaking, and intuitive communication. International speaker, bestselling author, and Dirt Road Divinity podcast host, Lisa guides others toward joy, connection, and service through intuitive leadership.  

Her career has spanned a wide path from political, advocacy, and communication professional in Washington, D.C. to nonprofit executive, BoardSource-trained nonprofit consultant, community activist, and college instructor. She has offered communication and advocacy counsel to U.S. Senators and Representatives, national nonprofit execs, authors, thought leaders, athletes, and film producers, and worked extensively with media around the world. 

Lisa's love for public speaking ignited in junior high school when she was introduced to the world of competitive speech and debate.  Her passion fueled success in debate, state championships in extemporaneous speaking, and earning three opportunities to compete at the national competition in student congress and original oratory.  She continued debating in college, later taught college speech classes, including inside two state prisons, and delights in opportunities to speak today.   Lisa is featured in The Big Talk Academy Speaker Directory of effective and engaging speakers.  

Lisa’s first book, Real. Big. Love. A Difference Makers Guide to Gain Greater Clarity, Energy, and Impact for Your Cause and Life is available on Amazon or for order at bookstores. She is currently writing a spiritual memoir titled Dirt Road Divinity that is expected to be published in 2023.

Real. Big. Love. 

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Real. Big. Love. offers authentic (Real), bold and consistent (Big), and Love-based perspectives to help you shift from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted to optimistic and energized while making your unique difference in the world. Find it on Amazon or order with your favorite bookstore.

"Lisa Wade is a powerhouse speaker who combines colorful story-telling with inspirational new ways to think about spirituality and the knowing. Her ability to bring you in and make you think differently is warm and inviting and I would hire Lisa in a heartbeat."

~ Tricia Brouk, International Award Winning Director, Founder of The Big Talk Academy


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