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Courageous & Conscious

Guiding clients to enhance their interpersonal, public, and intuitive communication skills to enjoy more confident, clear, and compelling connections in their personal and professional lives.

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Life Languages 


Everyone wants to be seen, heard, and understood at home and at work.  For more than 30 years, the Life Languages profiles have helped people better understand their own communication style, and those of others, so they can enjoy healthier, more satisfying interactions in any area of life.  As a Certified Communication Coach with Life Languages Intl.™, I use this powerfully insightful tool to guide clients toward more conscious and connected interpersonal communication. 

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The 7 Life Language International Icons

Find out which of the seven Life Languages you speak most fluently. 

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My joy is to be a catalyst for courageous and conscious communication that empowers and uplifts relationships, organizations, and mission-driven causes. Through proven techniques, I guide others to gain more confidence, clarity, and connection through brave and thoughtful communication with others, from a stage, and even with that small, still voice inside.

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Courageous & Conscious


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The Mission-Driven Messenger

Next Class Starts January 11, 2024

An 8-Week Public Speaking Academy to help Difference Makers become powerfully persuasive, confident, and effective in delivering their motivating message to inspire and connect with any audience.

Become an even more powerful voice for your cause, mission, or organization. Complete the Academy with written, rehearsed, and recorded material you can use to promote your passion.

Develop a clear and compelling speech

Become a confident speaker in any setting

Connect with any audience to inspire support or action

Gain skills to manage your energy and nerves

Showcase your cause on-stage and online.